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Since 2012, we have been based at an international procurement office in Foshan, China. As a sourcing agent in China, we provide strategic sourcing solutions despite the challenges associated with sourcing in China, specializing in sourcing outsourcing tasks in the construction and decoration industries. Instead of you coordinating a multi-source approach yourself, we simplify your procurement activities by coordinating these tasks on your behalf. Acting as your Chinese import agent, we take full responsibility for your supply chain management, including bidding and tendering, supplier assessment, sourcing, quality control, logistics, and shipping arrangements, to lead your procurement to success in the Chinese market.

What we do

One-stop purchasing agency services and solutions

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Guidance about Chinese factories,markets and goods importation can be provided for your further understanding.Save time and travel costs.

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Find Suppliers

Identification of potential suppliers, a complete procurement solution. Find Chinese suppliers with our sourcing service in China.

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Audit suppliers

We qualify them based on a list of criteria to evaluate the company's reliability that you've identified.and fosters transparency and trust in the supply chain.

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Track and check orders

Send an inspector to the factory during production to inspect your goods: product inspection and quality control. Ensure the security of your orders in China.

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Transport service

All exporting procedures such as container loading,customs declaration,shipping and so on will arranged by us.saving time and effort for businesses and individuals alike.

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After-sales Services

Good after-sales service ensures your satisfaction and efficiently resolves any post-purchase issues, sincerely committed to addressing any questions.


Experience and Focus Product

More than 10 years of experience in procuring building materials, decorating projects, and furniture for hotels, schools, hospitals, villas, houses, apartments, wholesale, retail, and more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. We are not just your eyes and ears in China, but also the heart.
2. We are not just an sourcing agent, but also part of your team and family.
3. We implement a scientifically transparent business model to align our interests with your interests.
4. No need to rent space, register a company, or hire staff in China. However, with us, you can have almost all of them.

Finding a reliable supplier in China is not a simple task, despite the availability of online platforms like Alibaba, Global Sources, or Made in China. Factors such as distance, language barriers, and different commercial relationships must be considered. This is where your LIZ GROUP sourcing agent comes in. We offer a sourcing service that identifies potential suppliers and provides a complete sourcing solution in China. There are several ways to find a supplier in China: through online platforms like Alibaba, Made In China, Global Sources, trade shows such as the Canton Fair, or with the assistance of a sourcing agent who is an expert in finding Chinese suppliers.

Sourcing in China (finding a supplier in China) alone is a risk that buyers sometimes take thinking they can manage the whole relationship with their Chinese supplier and save money. However, there are still many obstacles in the purchasing process in China:
1. Misunderstandings due to language or culture
2. Uncertainty about the reliability of the manufacturer
3. Considerable loss of time due to lack of knowledge and visibility

Many buyers end up using a sourcing agent to support them and manage the process for them. The sourcing agent represents your eyes in China since we can visit the factory and we speak the supplier’s language.

LIZ GROUP proceeds in 5 phases to find a supplier in China:
1. Analysis and understanding of your needs
2. Prospection of suppliers in China
3. Study and analysis of industrial offers
4. Evaluation of Chinese companies
5. Estimation of transportation costs
Our relationship with the manufacturers in the market allows us to limit the risks at each stage of your purchase project, from its introduction to its conclusion.

The 5 main steps to find the best supplier in China are:
1. Write a precise product specification
2. Find Chinese suppliers on the internet, through import-export trade shows, or via a sourcing agency in China like LIZ GROUP.
3. Launch a call for tender
4. Analyze the feedback from Chinese suppliers and compare them to select the most suitable offer for your needs
5. Validate the supplier in China (ensure the Chinese supplier is reliable) by visiting the factory or by having a factory audit done by a sourcing agency like LIZ GROUP.

1. Finding different products becomes difficult and frustrating due to the existence of numerous suppliers.

2. Communication inefficiency arises as suppliers frequently fail to respond promptly or completely.

3. The prices tend to be high since the majority of suppliers are middlemen or trading companies.

4. There is no assurance of product quality. Certain suppliers offer substandard items, leading to disappointment while lacking the possibility of compensation.

5. Suppliers are reluctant to assist with goods from other manufacturers.

Conducting a suppliers audit is an effective way to evaluate the reliability of a company identified by the buyer, to verify the supplier’s capability and performance according to the specifications. Once the factory audit is completed, we are able to assess whether or not the supplier is reliable for the purchasing project. The factory audit is the last and most determining step in the selection process for a successful procurement project in Liz Group.

Purchasing in China remains a major challenge for buyers who do not have the opportunity to travel to China. The problems encountered may vary according to each person’s experience.
Liz Group has listed some of the problems our customers have encountered when buying in China:
1. Complicated supplier relationships due to the language barrier and the understanding of the needs.
2. Delays in shipments
3. Quality problems
4. Fake company
An expert and pilot of the purchasing process like Liz Group offers a complete order management service in China to manage the totality of your procurement in China from the order placement to the delivery in your premises.

First and foremost, it comes from within – Unique Core Values that Liz Group lives on.
1. Transparency: A clean and healthy business relationship.
2. Integrity: We just found it’s so hard to lie.
3. Share: We grant you full access to our suppliers, connections, channels, and solutions.
4. Teamwork: Let’s work with each other, not for.
5. Covenant: Never over-promise, always over-deliver!
6. Embrace Change: Life is a box of chocolates, we never know what we are going to get.

Domestic manufacturing may seem like a simpler option for your business compared to sourcing products from China. However, sourcing products from China still offers significant benefits.

Even after factoring in freight costs and shipping times, businesses often experience shorter lead times and lower overall costs when sourcing products from China. Domestic manufacturing often struggles to provide competitive pricing and production volume, especially since China has become a global manufacturing powerhouse.

It is simply easier, faster, and more cost-effective to obtain a large volume of products from a supplier based in China. Unlike most domestic manufacturers, you can start with smaller orders and scale up with the same supplier, as many high-quality sellers have flexible minimum order quantities (MOQs).

Compared to other online product-sourcing platforms, Alibaba is considerably more dependable. As the world’s largest sourcing platform, it has facilitated connections between thousands of clients and suppliers. However, inexperienced businesses may struggle with finding reliable suppliers and avoiding fraudulent trade companies.

For businesses looking to scale up their China manufacturing for the first time, a sourcing agent such as Liz Group can be immensely helpful in avoiding common pitfalls. Our services can assist businesses in avoiding scams, saving time, and obtaining products at competitive prices.

Your landed costs will depend on the kind of shipping or freight you use. Here are the three calculations for air express landed costs, air freight landed costs, and sea freight landed costs:


Calculating landed costs for air express is very straightforward, all you need is:

Manufacturing costs + shipping = air express landed cost.


Air freight requires more financial factors in order to calculate the landed cost: 

Manufacturing cost + air freight to the US + duties/taxes + customs clearance + local delivery costs = air freight landed cost.


Finally, here is the calculation you’ll use to determine sea freight landed cost:

Manufacturing cost + estimated door-to-door shipping + duties and taxes = sea freight landed cost.

Working with a sourcing agent, instead of directly with suppliers, provides greater peace of mind and streamlines the sourcing process. A sourcing agent, like Liz Group, acts more like a partner than a vendor (supplier). While a supplier focuses on selling the product, a sourcing agent has a team on the ground to manage suppliers, coordinate shipping, organize inspections and sample shipments, and handle the entire sourcing process from initial contact to final delivery.

The idea that quality control is better in America is actually a misnomer. The challenge lies in ensuring that quality control processes are followed in China due to language barriers and difficulty in supervising production. While many high-quality factories in China lack English-speaking staff and it’s harder to supervise production there, the manufacturing industry in China is highly developed, with many factories capable of following strict quality control processes. To ensure quality control in a China factory, many companies rely on third-party expertise such as sourcing specialists like Liz Group to supervise production.

1.Not understanding cultural differences (communication)

2.Select products based on lowest price

3.Disregarding quality control

Carol Oliveira
Procurement Partner In China-Liz Group

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