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As China’s trustworthy sourcing agent, Liz Group has been in this field for more than 10 years with a good reputation, especially for sourcing building materials such as furniture, kitchen cabinets, floor tiles, bathroom fittings, windows, doors, lights and so on.No matter how big or small orders are, you don’t need to worry about payment, negotiation, quality check, consolidation, shipment, etc. We do our best to provide optimal cases and satisfactory services to assist you in importing easily and free from trouble.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. I want to make sure I am dealing with manufacturers.
2. I am not confident enough about using Alibaba for sourcing.
3. My business is highly driven by marketing and sales so I want to spend the least time on sourcing.
4. I have my suppliers but there are some processes that I want to improve with my suppliers but I just cannot do it single-handedly.
5. I already have a sourcing agent or even a buying office in China, but I want a different one or I just need one more to back me up.

Sourcing in China (finding a supplier in China) alone is a risk that buyers sometimes take thinking they can manage the whole relationship with their Chinese supplier and save money. However, there are still many obstacles in the purchasing process in China:
1. Misunderstandings due to language or culture
2. Uncertainty about the reliability of the manufacturer
3. Considerable loss of time due to lack of knowledge and visibility

Many buyers end up using a sourcing agent to support them and manage the process for them. The sourcing agent represents your eyes in China since we can visit the factory and we speak the supplier’s language.

Instead of topically defining the topic as a sourcing agent, we would prefer to position ourselves as a Total Solution Sourcing Company.

More and more companies are recognizing the benefits of finding a total solution to their sourcing needs. There are numerous suppliers, manufacturers, and trading companies on Alibaba in existence today, yet so many of them are difficult to identify and they are only experts at one specific part of the manufacturing process. However, today’s supply chain needs are constantly changing and increasingly demanding, we find there in one central corner of most importers’ hearts, that they are looking to orchestrate a comprehensive and solid control over the entire supply chain.

When you need to do product sourcing, there is the option to work with multiple vendors or link with one company that does it all. A total sourcing solutions company can handle product sourcing, supplier identification, vendor coordination, terms and rates negotiation, quality control, logistics, and solutions research.

Despite the development of online platforms such as Alibaba, Global Sources, or Made in China, finding a reliable supplier in China is not a simple task. Indeed, you have to take into consideration the distance, the language barrier, and the different commercial relationships.

This is where your LIZ GROUP sourcing agent comes in. We offer a SOURCING service in which we identify potential suppliers and propose a complete sourcing solution in China.

There are several ways to find a supplier in China:
1. On the Internet with Alibaba, Made In China, Global Sources
2. In trade shows such as the Canton Fair
3. With the help of a sourcing agent who is an expert in finding Chinese suppliers

LIZ GROUP proceeds in 5 phases to find a supplier in China:
1. Analysis and understanding of your needs
2. Prospection of suppliers in China
3. Study and analysis of industrial offers
4. Evaluation of Chinese companies
5. Estimation of transportation costs
Our relationship with the manufacturers in the market allows us to limit the risks at each stage of your purchase project, from its introduction to its conclusion.

First and foremost, it comes from within – Unique Core Values that Liz Group lives on.
1. Transparency: A clean and healthy business relationship.
2. Integrity: We just found it’s so hard to lie.
3. Share: We grant you full access to our suppliers, connections, channels, and solutions.
4. Teamwork: Let’s work with each other, not for.
5. Covenant: Never over-promise, always over-deliver!
6. Embrace Change: Life is a box of chocolates, we never know what we are going to get.

The 5 main steps to find a best supplier in China are:
1. Write a precise product specification2. Find Chinese suppliers on the internet, via import-export trade shows, or via a sourcing agency in China like LIZ GROUP.
3. Launch a call for tender
4. Analyze the feedback from Chinese suppliers and compare them to select the most suitable offer for your needs
5. Validate the supplier in China (make sure the Chinese supplier is reliable) by going to the factory or by having a factory audit done by a sourcing agency like LIZ GROUP.

1. Finding different products becomes difficult and frustrating due to the existence of numerous suppliers.

2. Communication inefficiency arises as suppliers frequently fail to respond promptly or completely.

3. The prices tend to be high since the majority of suppliers are middlemen or trading companies.

4. There is no assurance of product quality. Certain suppliers offer substandard items, leading to disappointment while lacking the possibility of compensation.

5. Suppliers are reluctant to assist with goods from other manufacturers.

Diana Burdiuja
Procurement Partner In China-Liz Group

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