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Liz Group has the expertise, experience, and resources to provide purchasing agency services and solutions.
We follow strict work procedures and provide online access to monitor operations in China.

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Secure And Facilitate Your Procurement From China

Simple process to source from China

When you need to do product sourcing, there is the option to work with multiple vendors or link with one company that does it all. Liz Group can fully handle product sourcing, supplier identification, vendor coordination, terms and rates negotiation, quality control, logistics, and solutions research.

Project Analysis

Evaluation of the feasibility of your sourcing project in China based on your needs.

Sourcing & Pricing

Free quotes for items in our catalog, or quotes based on your design concepts.


The team in China manages all operations to ensure on-time delivery of compliant products.


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From Catalogues

With your product pictures, quantities, and target prices, Liz Group provides you with existing product catalogs similar to your needs.

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Development of customized products according to your specifications (technical drawing).

One-Stop Solution For Procurement

Feasibility and Expertise

1. Feasibility study of the project.
2. Identification of project objectives and requirements
3. Expertise in the best options for products and materials, including customization.
4. Identification of solutions according to the specifications.
5. Securing purchasing contracts.

Procurement planning

1. Building the procurement solution.
2. Research suppliers for the best prices.
3. Validation of manufacturing conditions.
4. Estimation of production costs, mold costs, shipping costs, and lead times.
5. Building a procurement schedule.

Order and delivery

1. Quality control by an Liz Group inspector at the factory before shipping.
2. Follow-up on product quality and correction of defects.
3. Reservation of container space and transport quotation.
4. Preparation of a complete logistics solution, including all import documents.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Guaranteed lowest price with superb quality – get factory price lower than any tradesmen, middlemen and online sourcing apps. (Benefits of sourcing from China)

Despite the development of online platforms such as Alibaba, Global Sources, or Made in China, finding a reliable supplier in China is not a simple task. Indeed, you have to take into consideration the distance, the language barrier, and the different commercial relationships.

This is where your LIZ GROUP sourcing agent comes in. We offer a SOURCING service in which we identify potential suppliers and propose a complete sourcing solution in China.

There are several ways to find a supplier in China:
1. On the Internet with Alibaba, Made In China, Global Sources
2. In trade shows such as the Canton Fair
3. With the help of a sourcing agent who is an expert in finding Chinese suppliers

Sourcing in China (finding a supplier in China) alone is a risk that buyers sometimes take thinking they can manage the whole relationship with their Chinese supplier and save money. However, there are still many obstacles in the purchasing process in China:
1. Misunderstandings due to language or culture
2. Uncertainty about the reliability of the manufacturer
3. Considerable loss of time due to lack of knowledge and visibility

Many buyers end up using a sourcing agent to support them and manage the process for them. The sourcing agent represents your eyes in China since we can visit the factory and we speak the supplier’s language.

LIZ GROUP proceeds in 5 phases to find a supplier in China:
1. Analysis and understanding of your needs
2. Prospection of suppliers in China
3. Study and analysis of industrial offers
4. Evaluation of Chinese companies
5. Estimation of transportation costs
Our relationship with the manufacturers in the market allows us to limit the risks at each stage of your purchase project, from its introduction to its conclusion.

LIZ GROUP has listed the top 5 most important questions to ask suppliers in China.
1. Are you a manufacturer or a trading company (an intermediary)?
2. What are your production capabilities and product offerings?
3. What is your MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity)?
4. What is your delivery time?
5. What are the payment terms?
These questions will allow you to have a global idea about your Chinese supplier but are not sufficient to consider this supplier as reliable. You can call upon an agency specialized in sourcing in China like LIZ GROUP. We offer a sourcing study service in which we identify and validate suppliers in China, you get a complete sourcing report that allows you to place an order directly.

The 5 main steps to find a best supplier in China are:
1. Write a precise product specification2. Find Chinese suppliers on the internet, via import-export trade shows, or via a sourcing agency in China like LIZ GROUP.
3. Launch a call for tender
4. Analyze the feedback from Chinese suppliers and compare them to select the most suitable offer for your needs
5. Validate the supplier in China (make sure the Chinese supplier is reliable) by going to the factory or by having a factory audit done by a sourcing agency like LIZ GROUP.

1. It takes lots of time and vigor to search for several kinds of goods cause there are thousands of suppliers for one product on the platform. This situation really drives us crazy.

2. Most suppliers don’t reply in time or even don’t give answers all the time. Very low efficiency when communicating.

3. Their price is normally quite high because most of them are trading companies or even third-hand middlemen.

4. Quality can’t be guaranteed. We can’t deny that some suppliers load the interior goods as superior items. Receiving second-choice products is really upsetting, especially paying much money and time. But more frustrating is that you can’t get any compensation from suppliers.

5. Most suppliers are not willing to help customers load goods that come from other manufacturers. If they have to do that, they will ask extra charge or only fill full the container. They don’t make any arrangements for loading in a good row. It will make you crazy when you find the fragile goods are loaded on the bottom or much container space is wasted causing unscientific loading.

Finding a reliable supplier in China can be challenging, but there are several ways to approach it. One way is to work with a sourcing company like Liz Group, which has a network of trusted suppliers and a thorough vetting process to ensure quality and reliability.

When choosing a supplier in China, businesses should consider several key factors. These include the supplier’s experience and reputation, their production capacity and capabilities, their quality control procedures, their pricing and payment terms, and their shipping and logistics services. Businesses should also consider the supplier’s communication skills and their ability to understand specific needs and requirements.

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